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New psychoactive substances (NPS): Building knowledge and evidence based training through research

  Taking into account the broader picture regarding NPS, along with the absence of relevant information regarding the prevalence of use of NPS, among young

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Tim Bingham Interview with Radio Sputnik

Weeding out the dark net narcotics trade is a tricky task and the demise of the Silk Road, an online marketplace used by traffickers, won’t

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Service Review : Take Home Naloxone Programme in Northern Ireland

The aim of this evaluation was to establish whether the current model of naloxone provision and training across all Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts

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Moving Forward by Changing the Narrative on Drug Use

On Friday 12th February 2016 I presented to the  UCC Journalism Society on a subject that I am passionate about. The World Health Organisation (WHO)

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Drug Consumption Rooms can be utilised successfully in Ireland. Is Ireland ready for them?

   Drug Consumption Rooms can  be utilised successfully in Ireland. Is Ireland ready for them?’  I was recently going through some old files and came

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Everything in Moderation – National Student Drug Survey

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National Student Drug Survey

7.4% of lrish respondents to the GlobaI Drug Survey said they’ve bought drugs off the  internet, which is low compared lo the 2o.7% in the UK and 40%

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Judge requests further information into Silk Road Harm Reduction arguments

District Court Judge Katherine Forrest has requested further information on the harm reduction arguments made by the defense that the Court shall review a number of

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Ross Ulbricht pre-sentencing submissions testifying of SilkRoad harm reduction measures

As a result, this letter will address two issues made relevant by the government’s reliance, in the context of sentencing, on six deaths it attributes to

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Onion City Dark Net Search Engine

      A new search engine that claims to enable users to  search and global access to Tor’s onion sites has been recently launched

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