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“Silk Road Clone” for Mobiles launched

A developer is working on a new mobile app that allows users to anonymously trade goods and services from other users nearby, using bitcoins – essentially an anonymous equivalent of Gumtree or Craigslist.

The future of anonymous online trade could be here, soon, in the form of BitCraft.

BitCraft, built by an anonymous developer, is currently online in a beta form where it allows users to find others nearby and trade with them, paying by Bitcoin . According to Reddit user CiniCraft we can expect to see iOS and Android mobile versions of BitCraft arriving soon. The mobile platform is meant to be used on mobiles primarily, says CiniCraft. The App lets you find people nearby and pay them anonymously for good and service. CiniCraft has posted the link to BitCraft, a new “Silk Road Clone” for mobile that is now in beta mode for users to test out.

Currently only accessible in a web browser, users can sign up for an account, which includes a public profile, a wallet they can add bitcoins to, a private inbox, and a public chat message board for their local region.

Users of the app can also locate users providing services and goods they want on an interactive map, provided using the Google Maps API.

This mobile app  will work in a similar way, allowing users to remain anonymous due to the Bitcoin payment system. Although,  their location will be available as it’s needed to make any physical exchanges of goods.



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