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Tim Bingham Interview with Radio Sputnik

Weeding out the dark net narcotics trade is a tricky task and the demise of the Silk Road, an online marketplace used by traffickers, won’t

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Drug Consumption Rooms can be utilised successfully in Ireland. Is Ireland ready for them?

   Drug Consumption Rooms can  be utilised successfully in Ireland. Is Ireland ready for them?’  I was recently going through some old files and came

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Everything in Moderation – National Student Drug Survey

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National Student Drug Survey

7.4% of lrish respondents to the GlobaI Drug Survey said they’ve bought drugs off the  internet, which is low compared lo the 2o.7% in the UK and 40%

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Ross Ulbricht pre-sentencing submissions testifying of SilkRoad harm reduction measures

As a result, this letter will address two issues made relevant by the government’s reliance, in the context of sentencing, on six deaths it attributes to

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The Internet and drug markets Summary of results from an EMCDDA Trendspotter study

This EMCDDA Trendspotter study on Internet drug markets in Europe was undertaken during September and October 2014. It commenced with a phase of data collection

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The Rise and Challenge of Dark Net Drug Markets

  Key Points Recent years have seen a dramatic growth in the sale of a variety of illicit substances on Dark Net drug markets, with

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Bold new laws introduced in Ireland to tackle legal highs and NPS dramatically cut the number of head shops. But the country’s drug users switched substances or modes of supply

  This article  which I wrote appeared in March 2014  Druglink magazine. Druglink is a bi-monthly magazine for all those UK professionals interested in drugs

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Utopia online Drug Market seized

Silk Road is possibly one of the  most famous place online drug markets  to buy drugs as many people know  the site operates on the TOR network,

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Mephedrone IV Audit tool

This audit tool has been written by Dr. Adam Winstock & Tim Bingham. If its decided to use this within your drugs service we advise

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