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Utopia online Drug Market seized


Silk Road is possibly one of the  most famous place online drug markets  to buy drugs as many people know  the site operates on the TOR network, which anonymizes its traffic, and conducts all transactions in Bitcoin, the equally anonymous digital currency.

The site became even more famous after the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged owner and operator of Silk Road .

Recently  a new marketplace  was up and running. It’s called Utopia (reqires TOR) http://ggvow6fj3sehlm45.onion/ users had claimed that  the site loaded much more quickly than Silk Road  and with the added factor that  the site didn’t  have the same CAPTCHA login that Silk Road had .being backed up by the former BMR admin backopy is suppose to become the biggest competition for Silk Road 2.0


Utopia 2

However today  11/02/14 the site was seized by the  Dutch Police.


utopia 1

After Utopia was seized , a moderator of the Silk Road forums posted a message saying that

Utopia’s seizure “is a serious blow to the darkweb marketplace community.” The Moderator  called on users of the hidden market places to “regroup, and do it again.”

“Show them that you, we, are a hydra — cut off one head and ten more spring up,”

Uunder cover agents made  contact with the suspects. The agents simply bought narcotics and firearms. It involved several thousand ecstasy pills, MDMA raw diced and dozens of grams of cocaine. To the undercover agents were in prospect that they could buy a kilo of Cocaine.

utopia tabs

To the astonishment of the police and the Public Prosecution Service, the undercover agents were also asked “to bring someone to the other world.” The target should be extorted and murdered. The contact led to a meeting where a deposit was made.

During the search of the homes of the suspects seized computers, lots of data carriers, such as external hard drives and USB sticks, and about 900 bitcoins, worth about €400,000 to €600,000. The suspects were arrested in the Netherlands Friday brought before the magistrate in Utrecht. By the National Prosecutor’s surrender asked the German suspect.

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