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Rise in Argentina Ecstasy Seizures Suggests Production Migration

Seizures of ecstasy tablets in Buenos Aires increased 2,900 percent between 2011 and 2013, in what could be a sign that the country’s growing domestic market for synthetic drugs is leading to a migration of production from Europe to Argentina. A report According to reports The Buenos Aires Police dismantled last January ecstasy lab located in the resort of Mar de Ajo. The production, estimated from the raw material found at the site, would reach 600,000 tablets, twice as seized by Customs at Ezeiza since 2004. These and other figures indicate that the market for synthetic drugs is booming not noticed before.

Reports are suggesting that Argentina is now a key source of precursor chemicals for Mexican cartels, raising the question as to whether these transnational drug trafficking organizations are fuelling rising violence and intimidation in the epicenter of the country’s drug trade

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